Mad Comparison of the Bible and Donald Trump

Mad Comparison of the Bible and Donald Trump July 25, 2016

Donald Trump vs. the Bible

Hemant Mehta shared a link to a MAD Magazine special issue, which included a two-page feature comparing things that Donald Trump has said with things found in the Bible.

One could do this with any candidate, pretty much. But in the case of Trump it seems particularly appropriate because of the way that certain religious people have lent their support to him, in a way that seems quite bizarre given the disconnect between their claims about the importance of the Bible and its teachings to them on the one hand, and the disconnect between Trump’s statements and the Bible’s on the other.

Do you think the comparison in the image above is telling? Instructive? Useful? Amusing? Something else?

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  • Wheezy1952

    A bit over the top, but there’s no doubt that one of the most absurd aspects of this political year of absurdities is the sight of the far right “evangelicals” fawning over a candidate who appears to exhibit almost zero Christ-like values.

  • Guest

    My curiosity lies in that fact that non-believers(non spiritual people) believe they have an understanding of the bible when they absolutely don’t. The bible is a spiritual book that can only be spiritually discerned(and done so accurately)by spiritual born again people(Christians). Non-believers have zero understanding of the bible because they have not accepted Jesus as their Savior, are not filled with the Holy Spirit at all and are not taught of The Holy Spirit.

    So when non believer’s claim that true Christians are ‘contradicting’ the bible simply for following God’s commandments and not supporting the things God does not want us to support, yet they don’t actually understand the things in the bible, they are walking in error. Why non-Christians even bother trying to comprehend a book they are not skilled to understand is beyond me.

    Yes, there are hateful hypocritical false Christians. God told us to love our neighbor and partake in no man’s sins. The ‘Alt Right’ are not real Christians by any means. Real Christians love God, honor his commandments and love their fellow man. Obedience to God is not hatred. Supporting gay rights is not of God and is not a Christian value or obligation. Loving gay people and doing the best to love all people, regardless of their sins and leading them to Christ is our obligation.

    I don’t say this in arrogance. I say it in truth as it will always baffle me. It’s the same as a Christian trying to understand the satanic ‘bible’ authored by Anton Levay. I’m not a satanist, nor do I care to be and I refuse to go near any book I don’t understand and try to comprehend it my own way. No man can TRUTHFULLY analyze what he does not understand.