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Patheos Insider July 1, 2016

A moment that many readers of this blog have been waiting for has finally arrived. Patheos has created an ad-free subscription option, called Patheos Insider!

Just click on the words Patheos Insider on the top left corner of the blog (or use this link), and let me know how things look after you’ve done so!

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  • John MacDonald

    Maybe if I wasn’t already paying for Ehrman’s blog …

  • Phil Ledgerwood

    Sorry, I need to know which 12 celebrities are extremely religious. #5 shocked me.

  • Bob Lundgren

    I see this article is six months old. Somehow I just discovered Patheos Insider the other day. I signed up and paid my $6.95. However, I am still getting ads. So far I have not received a response to my request for help.

    • I will see if I can get an answer to your question.

      • Bob Lundgren

        Thanks. I’ve still not received any response to my request for help.

        • I’ve not heard anything further yet either, but they did tell me they are looking into it. Perhaps you need to clear your browser cache? Have you tried logging out and logging in again?

          • Bob Lundgren

            I cleared my browser cache — still have problem. I don’t get ads right away, but after a little while one shows up. I sent another email to — I have received no response either by email or phone. Am I the only one with this problem? I have paid two months subscription now, and not getting what I paid for. Is there a support telephone number? How do you get to communicate with someone?

          • I have not heard of anyone else having these problems. Which browser are you using? Have you tried using a different browser to see if the experience is the same?