Restrict Guns’ Access to People

Restrict Guns’ Access to People July 2, 2016

Guns' access to humans

Scott Paeth gave me permission to share something he wrote on Facebook:

I just had a flash of insight on the whole gun debate: Pro-gun people are absolutely right — in the absence of human beings to abuse them, guns can’t do any harm. Therefore the solution to this dilemma is simple: The guns should be denied access to human beings, since it’s so clear that the human beings are dangerous.

As one commenter on his post pointed out, weapons do not have a second amendment constitutional right to access to people…

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  • Phil Ledgerwood

    Oh sure, you can own all the guns you want. It’s just that it’s illegal for guns to have owners without a lengthy vetting process. The owners are very dangerous. They’ll kill with anything. So you can see how important it is we protect guns from abuse.

  • Dan

    Meh. Still a gun owner. Still haven’t killed, murdered, hurt anything other than paper targets. There are 300 million guns in the US. Only 1/100 of 1% are used every year to kill someone. 2/3 of those are suicides, and 1/4 are used by law enforcement.

    If guns are designed and manufactured to kill, then 99.99% are defective. So, no need to worry gun grabbers. We’re carrying duds.

    • I find it odd that you would refer to those who don’t want to have guns as “gun grabbers.” And your comment sounds to me a bit like someone saying “my country only uses nuclear weapons as a last resort, and so there is no real danger in having so many of them around in the world.” The proliferation of guns is the reason why so many in the U.S. manage to obtain them illegally, and why gun crime is so much more common here than anywhere else that is not in a state of civil war.