Teach a Church to Think

Teach a Church to Think July 9, 2016

If you haven’t been following the Religion Bulletin series “So You’re Not a Priest? Scholars Explain What They Do to Outsiders,” you should. Here is a quote from the recent post in the series by Justin Henry:

[P]erhaps my approach does resemble that of one eminent theologian, Paul the Apostle. Nicholas Wright argues that Paul’s theology was not inherently dogmatic, but was rather a framework for Christian communities to think together and come to their own conclusions regarding the essence of scripture: “Give a church a rule and you guide them for a day; teach a church to think and you guide them for life.”

Give a student a bunch of names and dates, and they’ll forget it by the end of the semester; teach a student to think about religion in relation to their own life, and they’ll keep thinking about it for years to come.

Click through to read the rest, and check out other posts in the series too!

Teach a church to think

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