Dead Philosopher in Heaven

Dead Philosopher in Heaven August 22, 2016

Another great comic from Existential Comics. I think it makes some serious and not only humorous points. Do you agree?

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  • myklc

    Cry Freedumb and let slip the pokemon of war!

  • Michael Wilson

    I once heard somneone say that man only evolved to scavage corpses from from the plains of Africa so it may be we lack the intellect to understand the universe.

    Do you think it may be that we are not capable of knowing the answer to the great questions? What would it really mean if that were so? That some beings may know those answers, or that their is an answer but no thing in existence is capable of knowing it? In those cases, would an answer be potentially existing but always speculative to you?

    • Ian

      Why assume we are intelligent enough to ask the right questions (or even to ask meaningful questions), but not intelligent enough to answer them?

      In my (h) opinion, the answers are a lot easier than the questions. Most questions are dumb or meaningless, particularly existential ones.

  • arcseconds

    If Leibniz was right about monads, then surely he’s also right about consciousness: each monad contains an awareness of the whole universe from a certain perspective, kept in sync with all the other monads through pre-established harmony…

    Anyway, this reminds me of another joke about philosophers asking God a question:

    An angel appears to the American Philosophical Association conference, and announces “God has deigned to answer one question. You have a week to decide; I will return and give you the answer.”

    Of course, being philosophers, they argue and can’t come to an agreement. Some want to ask about the correct ethical theory. Others want to know about free will. Others still demand further proof of God’s existence, an appearance like this being inadequate.

    Finally, they hit upon what they take to be the perfect solution.

    The philosophers’ question to God:—

    — What is the ordered pair where the first element is the best question to ask God, and the second element being the answer to that question?

    So the angel returns, and they ask it this question. The angel replies:—

    — (that question, this answer)

    and vanishes.