Perfect Battle for Bigots

Perfect Battle for Bigots August 25, 2016

The antagonism between science and religion Zebrowski quote

The quote comes from George Zebrowski’s introduction to the volume Strange Gods edited by Roger Elwood. I was fortunate enough to happen across a copy in a second-hand bookstore recently, and snatched it up. Zebrowski’s statement published in 1974 seems no less true today.

My first encounter with Zebrowski’s writing was when I was young and read his science fiction novel Macrolife, which deserves to be more widely known than it is – and not at all only among those interested in the intersection of religion and science fiction. It has been ranked as one of the great sci-fi works of all time, and yet I rarely hear it mentioned in discussions. Then again, I only just discovered that there is a sequel to the novel…

Of related interest, the volume Touching the Face of the Cosmos, in which my first published work of science fiction has appeared, has received a very positive review in the September issue of Analog magazine.

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  • David Evans

    There are of course bigots on both sides. There are scientists who think their understanding of the laws of nature rules out the Virgin Birth and the Resurrection, or even rules out the existence of God. Call them Type A. Then there are religious people who say that climate change cannot be man-made, and we shouldn’t do anything about it, because God is in charge of the weather. And that evolution shouldn’t be taught in schools. And (a recent case in the USA) that a woman cannot get her insurance to pay for removal of an IUD which is causing her pain, because all the available health service providers are Catholic. Call them Type B.

    I see a difference here. Christians are free to ignore the Type A bigots. The Type A’s are not trying to interfere with the functioning of Christian institutions.On the other hand the Type B’s are trying to affect the lives of everybody, by interfering with the functioning of secular institutions, and often succeeding.