Starting Heated Conversations

Starting Heated Conversations August 16, 2016

Sometimes Christians wear t-shirts that they hope will make conversations about their faith happen, without the awkwardness of having to try to inject it into the conversation. Atheists do the same. And it isn’t just t-shirts. Hats, pens, cups, bumper stickers, and a variety of other things have been crafted to play a similar role.

And now there are also the same kinds of things to help generate conversations about climate change. There is a mug which, when a hot liquid is poured into it, will show the coastlines around the globe slowly disappearing. You can buy one on

Do you find it helpful to nail your colors to the mast more literally and display a physical, visual indication of where you stand on certain issues, in order to start difficult conversations? As the title of this post indicated, conversations about subjects like climate change can become heated. But it is important to have them, and sometimes we need a little help to get them started. What mugs, t-shirts, or other such things do you use for this purpose?

If you’re more concerned to start conversations about the Bible and social justice, then you may be more interested in this umbrella

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