Bloggers’ Dinner at #AARSBL16

Bloggers’ Dinner at #AARSBL16 September 9, 2016

It is that time of year again, when professors of religion, biblical studies, and other such fields realize that they have to start preparing for the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature in November. Of course, some just prepare on the plane – and some write their papers in the hotel bar after they arrive – but even they must look into booking tickets.

And so it is time to organize this year’s blogger dinner, too.

Last year’s was simply wonderful. 36 people showed up, if I counted correctly. You can see photos from last year’s gathering on my blog post from then.

I’ve created a Facebook event here:  Please use that to RSVP, but if you aren’t on Facebook, then just leave a comment here. And please do help spread the word.

If you know the area, I’d like to get input on possible venues before settling on one.

As per the request of several people, I will indeed bring along Canon: The Card Game. No, you will not be obligated to play if you attend the event.

If you can find someplace with a piano, then something like this could also happen:


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