Listen to the Big Debate Tonight!

Listen to the Big Debate Tonight! October 21, 2016

Some of us watching the debate last night knew that the real big debate is taking place on the evening of October 21st – today! I’m happy that, despite not having been able to drive today to where it is occurring, I will nevertheless be able to watch the debate this evening between Bart D. Ehrman and Robert M. Price on whether Jesus existed as a historical figure. If you want to watch, Matt Dillahunty will be moderating it, and I can offer you a 20% discount! Simply paste this code: 4CPBfM in the checkout at:

After the debate, I’ll be joining James Crossley and other scholars to talk about it together with the hosts of the show Who Do They Say That I Am?, Matt Kovacs and Arick Mittler.

Listen to “Who Do They Say That I am’s show” on Spreaker.

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