Made in the Image of God

Made in the Image of God October 20, 2016

This might actually be the best argument against understanding the creation of humans in the  “image of God” in terms of our appearance…

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  • Pardon me as I quote from a book which I am thoroughly enjoying and inspires me to look at Father Guido and comment below. “As humans encounter other sentient beings, new possibilities would arise in terms of how we think about what it means to be created, “in the image of God.” As we encountered ideas that are either much like our own or radically different, we would have new data that would undoubtedly be useful in exploring the role of biology in religious belief and experience. How much of our theology is shaped by our genetic heritage and our distinctive terrestrial experience?”
    — McGrath, Theology and Science Fiction, 47.

    Is not compassion, love, morality and intelligence also invisible until it is applied to something tangible to become something? From nothing comes something?

  • Ashlee

    God isn’t invisible. He has a tangible body of flesh and blood. He truly created us in his image, isn’t that wonderful?

  • Don Skeels

    I may be walking into a trap as this is probably a “tongue in cheek” joke. After all, nobody who has actually read the Bible thinks our flesh was made in God’s image. However, I’ll bite and just say: “Why aren’t we all like…invisible?” WE are! “God is Spirit…” John 4, and hence our spirit was made in His image, which is NOT visible to the fleshly eye. Our fleshly bodies were made from the dust of the ground. Person should have done his homework before going to the expense of such a stupid shirt! lol

    • You seem to have picked up on the fact that, when a comedian says something like this, it is indeed supposed to be treated as humor. Why you then wrote the comment you did is hard to figure out. Why you think someone put this on a t-shirt is unclear. And it might interest you to look into what scholars have written about the bodily character of God as conceived of by ancient people, including the Israelites.