Trump: Not a Polished Human Being

Trump: Not a Polished Human Being October 4, 2016

Trump not polished

After watching the vice-presidential debate this evening, I was struck by many things. But the highlight for me was when, after Pence had brought forth his Evangelical credentials, and then defended Trump for some things he had said by emphasizing that he isn’t a “polished politician,” Kaine responded with a thoroughly appropriate Bible verse, Luke 6:45, “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”

Recalling that moment after the debate ended, the person I watched the debate with quipped that Donald Trump is “not a polished Christian.” And I responded in turn that he is “not a polished human being.”

I’m not sure whether that needed to be a meme. But it did make us laugh, and so I thought I’d share it.

What were the noteworthy aspects of the debate for you?

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  • The foreign policy aspects were pretty significant, and made me hate both VP picks. Trump 2016! Pence should be dumped like Agnew at some point; he only serves a useful rhetorical function at this point.

  • otrotierra

    Kaine offered a thoughtful, nuanced account of how his Jesuit education informed his theological struggle with Virginia’s un-biblical death penalty.

    As for Mike Pence’s dominion theology and consequent support for the un-biblical, xenophobic, discriminatory Religious Freedom Restoration Act—no thanks, I’ll stick with Jesus.

    • jh

      not to mention the sheer amount of lying and misrepresentation from the Republican/Christians. It’s like truth is something that has no meaning in those circles. (Same for honor, integrity, responsibility, stewardship and so on.)
      The sheer level of obvious arrogance and conceit is off-putting. These are toxic attributes and, unfortunately for Christians, this will help smear Christianity.

      It’s like watching toddlers having a tantrum because they didn’t get the shiny candy at the checkout aisle. No nuance. No self-control. Just this hyper-emotional walking ID which represents some of the worst aspects of humanity.

      • otrotierra

        I likewise observe the same sickness you describe here. The dominion theology on display (though unnamed) during the recent debate goes hand-in-hand with their deception, lies, and a rapid-fire rejection of The Greatest Commandment. And when atheists and Muslims display more Christlike behavior than dominant, hegemonic Evangelicals, it provides much to consider.