Comprehensive List of Musical Settings of Biblical Texts?

Comprehensive List of Musical Settings of Biblical Texts? December 13, 2016

Even imagining what I am asking about here makes the request seem ridiculous. Every day, I imagine, someone somewhere sets a biblical text to music. And so surely no one would be so foolish as to try to publish a book which must inevitably be out of date before the manuscript is submitted to the publisher.

Yet I feel I must ask, because as I shared in a post in October, I recently set a particular group of biblical texts to music, and wanted to find out whether that particular constellation (pun intended) of texts had been set previously.

I’m curious where I might look to figure out whether anyone has set these particular texts combined together in one musical work, even if that list or database is not truly comprehensive. Any suggestions?

The closest I’ve come across are James Laster’s Catalogue of Choral Music Arranged in Biblical Order, and Catalogue of Vocal Solos and Duets Arranged in Biblical Order co-authored with Diana Reed Strommen. But I am not sure how comprehensive these are.

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