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God’s Author Page December 16, 2016

GOD Author page

The second commandment is being observed, I see…or rather, I don’t see.

"One problem I have with the reading is that if Paul meant "all things" were ..."

Does Paul “Split the Shema”?
"So, Phil in our conversation yesterday wanted to shy away from the idea that Paul ..."

Does Paul “Split the Shema”?
"Implied perhaps, sure, because Paul's point is not whether Jesus belongs to the set of ..."

Does Paul “Split the Shema”?
"Oh, don't get me wrong, there are plenty of places in the NT that compare ..."

Does Paul “Split the Shema”?

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  • jh

    considering we are all made in the “image of god”, we might want to re-evaluate that. Consider the lowly cosmetic surgeon who engages in facial re-construction.

    (This is incredibly biased. Why should God be limited to a bipedal, bilateral being rather than something as amazing as the octopus? Ego is definitely at the basis of religion. Or rather, some religions. I forgot the Hindu’s god’s can be non-human.)

  • Phil Ledgerwood

    What does he have listed for hobbies?