Pop Mythology Reviews Theology and Science Fiction

Pop Mythology Reviews Theology and Science Fiction December 5, 2016

There is a review of Theology and Science Fiction on the blog Pop Mythology. In it, Matt Hlinak argues the case that I ought to have spent more time interacting in detail with specific stories, especially as an alternative to including three very short stories of my own. It is a fair point, and I acknowledged the dilemma of whether to discuss narrative details in a way that makes the book more interesting to those who have read those stories, and less interesting or intelligible for those who have not. And so the one thing I was able to do was to include stories that I have written, in a way that is not possible in the case of things written by others – and which would involve offering but a few small examples anyway, in a volume the size of the Cascade Companions. To include them at all, they would need to be small, and so I think the analogy to a short episode of The Twilight Zone is perfect. The aim was to hint and to provoke thought, rather than expound and fully explore – just as was the aim in my small book! (And the reference to The Twilight Zone also reinforces my decision, in a sense, since I suspect that younger readers of my book may never have seen an episode of that series…)

You can read the review for yourself here:  http://www.popmythology.com/theology-and-science-fiction-review/

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