The World as 100 People, over 200 Years

The World as 100 People, over 200 Years December 26, 2016

The above charts come from the website The World in Data, and more specifically Max Roser’s piece, “A history of global living conditions in 5 charts.” I am sure you have all seen past attempts to represent the world as it is now if it were 100 people. But tracing that group over 2 centuries achieves something different, in my opinion. It really does put our moment in history in perspective, in a manner that has the potential to get us to rethink our fears, our despair, and other things that make things worse when the overall trend is in a positive direction.

See also Clay Farris Naff’s post, “Make America Kind Again.”

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  • Va


  • Michael Wilson

    Funny thing, back in college I was promoting a book I read called “its getting better all the time”
    By Stephen Moore at the heritage foundation (ironicay onbe of Trump’s economic advisors now). It was a collection of moistly the same data points you shared here. I was pushing it because my liberal friends and professors were all quite sure that since Reagan people were poorer, had less freedom, racism was rising, along with homophobia and sexism, colonialism increasing, inequality, and so on. The word certainly was less socialist. My argument was if Reaganism and capitalism were so dastardly why have all these trends been so positive in spite of their ascendency? Since Trump beat Hillary never seen liberals so optimistic about the last 50 years or more hawkish against Russia. There all born again neo cons. I hope that Hillary, Obama, and the Bushes can created some new mainstream conservative alliance against the Trumpers, but I suspect that once we get to 2020 the acolytes of Sanders won’t be talking about how great America is and how things getting better all the time. Few liberals will want to be sharing these charts.

  • Basement Berean

    Thank you, that was encouraging. I have an old family bible from 1885 that has all the births and deaths recorded in the back. That was back when people lost half their children in infancy, in this country.

    In a way humanity has just crawled out of the swamp, muck, crud, whatever, in the last 200 years or so, and we have a lot to be thankful for, and we don’t need to be so mad because we can’t see some utopia being achieved in our lifetimes.