Not Really An Expert

Not Really An Expert January 6, 2017

Internet, I need your help.

According to a commenter who randomly showed up on my blog, I am not a credible source of information, because I do not have a Wikipedia page:

Not Really An Expert

I may be wrong, but my impression is that it is inappropriate for someone to create a Wikipedia page for themselves. And so I am turning to you.

Please help me, internet, and restore – no, bestow upon me – the credibility I lack. And perhaps more importantly, help keep me from being mistaken for a ninja warrior!

Please make me a Wikipedia page…

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  • And of course, my appeal to “the internet” is first and foremost an appeal to my faithful blog readers!

    • It is true, we can’t create our own pages. Perhaps we could make a trade. You write something up about yourself, I’ll post it under my name. I”ll write something and then you can post it. Then both of us will be experts!

  • Erp

    Gibson is probably falling for the crackpot of the day then; does he consider Acharya a reliable source. I will note that editing one’s own article tends to end badly (I know one person who kept trying to erase his birth date, he had also recently divorced and was dyeing his hair).

  • Al Cruise

    Hmmm, Does that mean there were no experts before Wikipedia ? Just like how fundamentalists imply there was no salvation until after the Bible was written and they defined it properly in modern times?

  • jh

    Just make sure nobody accidentally “kills” you by accidentally stating that you are dead. Meanwhile, I prefer degrees from accredited educational facilities and/or credible experience in the field. Peer endorsement is a good thing.

  • I thought you weren’t really an expert until you were a talking head on one of those secrets or mysteries of the Bible shows on basic cable. “Did Jesus REALLY feed the thousands by sending out a series of chain letters asking for dried fish? The amazing truth follows after this commercial break.”