Alt-Jesus February 13, 2017


This sign seems like a nice complement to the political cartoon I shared yesterday. The irony that many have been pointing out is that not only the political candidate supported by the religious right, but the leaders of that movement themselves, sound less and less like Christ and more and more like his opposite.

And another word for the opposite of Christ is anti-Christ.

And if “Alt-Jesus” is simply an alternative Jesus, like “alternative facts,” then let me quote the apostle Paul on that topic:

I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent’s cunning, your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ. For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the Spirit you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough (2 Corinthians 11:3-4).

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  • Steve Buckley

    wow…. looks like someone doesn’t bother reading the bible. That’s about as alt-x as it gets. Remember, heaven has a gate, a door, and a wall. Everyone is indeed welcome, but only by coming through Jesus. There is a point when the door closes, and those who didn’t come through it will be excluded because of their own refusal. Even Jesus said that if anyone tries to come through any other means than the door, they are a thief. John 10. Instead of ignoring the inconvenient truths to promote half-truths, look at the whole truth. It’s plainly written in the bible. Come by the door, and you’re welcome. Come over the fence, and you’re a thief. Promote coming over the fence, and you’re promoting a lifestyle of thievery, deception, fraud, and colluding with thieves. I think even Paul had something to say about that in Romans 1, and 2. Something else I’m curious about. Do these people take strangers into their houses, or just walk around carrying signs telling everyone else they’re supposed to? I remember doing that once, and while I didn’t have any overt reason to believe the guy unreliable, my wife sure didn’t appreciate it. And yes, actually, I am indeed familiar with the passage that says— he who gives to the poor lends to the Lord. In light of the numerous people in this neck of the woods who panhandle, I’ve found myself wondering about this a lot. Is there a means to ensure that they don’t use the money on drugs/alcohol, or further a self-destructive habit/hobby? Or is that simply none of my business? Just give them the money, and if they buy some dope, and kill themselves with it, it’s their problem, and not mine? Not like I’d actually read about it any way, so…. enh! The thing here is that we’re not talking about locals, who are american citizens, or even illegal immigrants from south of the border. We’re talking about bring people in from the middle east. People who are already quite clear in their intentions, because of what they’re doing already in Europe. It appears that last June, some muslim refugees burned down their camp, because they were angry that they were not awakened in time for morning ramadan prayer time. It was at Dusseldorf. I suppose the first question that comes to mind is— who would destroy their own living quarters because they didn’t wake themselves up for a prayer time they’d engaged in annually for their entire lives? But, they actually did it. I’m weekly seeing reports coming out of France saying that Paris is in constant riot mode. I saw one this morning that said a refugee camp in Italy was also torched, by those living there. So, when people tell me that I should welcome such people into my country, the very first question that arises is— have you already welcomed them into your own house? Because if not— then you have no moral right to demand that I do likewise. You can expose your family, children, spouse, etc… to them first. I have to say, this issue is becoming more and more hilarious all the time, and not in a positive way. It’s becoming increasingly embarrassing to see people who are godly claim we should just open our borders, and let whomever come in, without any background check whatsoever, because…. well…. the bible says we should help those in need. And indeed the bible does say we’re to help those who are in need. That’s never been a point of contention. I do however want to see you help them first. Let me what you do it and see how it works for you. I’m already doing my part, in other areas, so to make sure that I don’t spread myself so thin I’m of no value to anyone, let me see you do it first. Furthermore, since we’re bringing the bible into it, I’m curious….. have you read Romans 13:1-7? Did you know that God has established the government to fight against evil? If not, I’m curious, why would you promote the violation of our laws, since God has placed those laws into our nation’s system, for your protection? Did you further know that there are 4 places in Exodus, Numbers, and Leviticus that explicitly state— there shall be one law for foreigner, and native born. Leviticus 24:22, Numbers 15:16, Exodus 12:49, and another also in Numbers 15. So, if foreigners are supposed to uphold our laws, why would they do that if the very first act they have done upon entering our nation is to do so illegally? I can readily go on here, but since it’s not likely anyone will actually answer these questions, I’ll leave it to stew, as food for thought. In short, if you’re going to promote the violation of our nation’s laws, you go first. I’ll watch, while I’m working elsewhere.

    • LastManOnEarth

      Glad to see that someone has finally distilled the essence of Christianity into one giant unreadable block of text.

      • Steve Buckley

        So, are you saying that you don’t know to read?

        • Illuminati Recruitment Agency

          I think they are saying that you don’t know grammar and punctuation.

      • charlesburchfield

        Paranoid rant!!

    • jh

      I hope that you broadcast your message as far and as wide as possible. It would be good for as many people as possible to hear the christian defense of targeted anti-immigration legislation

      BTW – there is one group of people who will never get into heaven. It’s not rapists or thieves or ex-atheists or Muslims. Look it up. That would be another brick you can use in your christian defense of targeted anti-refugee/immigration policy.

      • Steve Buckley

        Were you seeking to make a point that has a valid basis?
        I didn’t include the entire set of ideas for immigration because I was expecting interested, and motivated people to engage in discussion on it.
        I’m acutely aware of how involved the issue is.

    • charlesburchfield

      Rant on Paranoid Ranter!!

      • Steve Buckley

        Hello Charles.
        If you had something intelligent to say, reason would say I should take you seriously. But as you offer nothing to take you seriously, I see nothing but rants of someone who apparently doesn’t know anything.

        • charlesburchfield

          You don’t know what you don’t know and it breaks my heart!!

          • Steve Buckley

            Hello again Charles.
            I’m still waiting for a coherently stated premise for your pointless statements.
            You are right that I don’t know what I don’t know.
            But neither do you or anyone else.
            Unless you’re God, but are unable to state why what I have stated is in error, then it’s clear that you’re not God.
            So, how about it Charles!
            Show us that you know what you’re talking about.
            Show me that you understand enough to carry on an intelligible discussion, which can present coherent statements, supported by logic, reason, rationality, and truth.
            Until then, have a great evening.

          • charlesburchfield

            >You are right that I don’t know what I don’t know.
            But neither do you or anyone else.
            YES! True.

          • Steve Buckley

            Still nothing?
            Have a nice life Charles.

          • charlesburchfield

            John 3:8
            The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

          • Steve Buckley

            And? How is this germane to the topic of alt-Jesus, or my post, to which you’ve never actually stated anything relevant yet?
            Come on Charles.
            Step up, or step off.

            If you want to discuss the new birth, please read Ezekiel 36:25-27, Romans 8:3-9, and 1 John.

          • charlesburchfield

            Still I don’t kneel down I was born to fight,
            so you best leave me alone.
            Maybe I’ll get much more than I need,
            or much less than I should own,
            last of all let me say it again,
            either step up or step on.

            Baby step back, baby step back,
            either step up or step back.
            Baby walk back, baby walk back,
            either walk on or walk back.

            Baby step back
            Gordon Lightfoot

          • Steve Buckley

            Let me guess.
            You found a keg of whiskey, smoked that, and then bought a kilo of weed, and drank the whole thing.
            Well, as it’s clear that you’re not very bright, I’ll leave you to your bag of meth. Don’t drink it all in a single sitting, you may fall down and wake up wondering where you’ve been hiking.

          • charlesburchfield

            You’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid coo?

          • Steve Buckley

            No. Kool-aid is for children. I grew up 45 years ago.

          • charlesburchfield


          • Steve Buckley

            Hello again Charles.
            First, thank you for dumping the BS, and actually engaging in actual discussion.

            Here’s a problem with the quote.
            Outward liberation wasn’t a requirement for experiencing the liberation which Jesus brings. As I know that Dietrich B. was a great pastor, and intimately knew the scriptures, he’s missed what Paul said to the Ephesian, Colossian, and the Corinthian churches.
            Eph 6, col 3, 1 cor 7.

            Alexandr solzhenitzen spent decades in a soviet prison, and experienced more freedom than the soviet leadership.

            While I understand that deitrich was talking about throwing off the yoke of hitlerian tyranny, a “crime” for which he was ultimately assassinated, this issue of illegal, versus legal immigration was not what he was discussing.

            as people are bringing the bible into the discussion, let’s do it.
            According to Exodus 12, Numbers 15, and Leviticus 24, there shall be one law for both native born, and foreigners.

            Yes, the Bible does explicitly state we should welcome foreigners. Great. No problem.
            For me it’s never been a problem with welcoming immigrants. My great great great grandparents came here from Ireland in 1851.
            The problem is,
            Do it legally.
            Here’s an article about it, from the perspectives of immigrants. Read it.


    • Hi Steve. You talk about violating our nation’s laws. What if a nation’s laws are unjust? It used to be the law that people like my husband and I could not be married(he is white, I am black). Slavery used to be the law of the land. Drinking out of the ‘wrong’ drinking fountain was the law of the land.

      I did have a question about a specific comment you made here:

      “Come over the fence, and you’re a thief. Promote coming over the fence, and you’re promoting a lifestyle of thievery, deception, fraud, and colluding with thieves.”

      Except for the fence, the US is guilty of all of these things. It was founded on the slaughter, rape, and near genocide of the Native people. Then we have the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Kidnapping, raping, enslaving, and at times lynching of black people.
      What are you thoughts about the way that our country came to be in light of your comments about people breaking the law to come here now?

      • Steve Buckley

        Hi Valerie.
        Finally, an equal.
        My wife and I are a mixed couple too. She’s black, and I’m white, as you can see by the picture.
        We have several friends and I know numerous couples who are mixed couples. Black/white, black/mex, Black/Chinese/oriental.
        I’m going to assume you are familiar with the Amerasians from the Vietnam War era.

        We are not however living under the unfair laws of the past, with regards to the laws you are referring to.
        And we have the Loving’s, out of Virginia to thank for that. Otherwise, we’d all be in serious trouble.

        Please congratulate your husband for me, for having the courage to love in the face of the present societal discord.

        Here’s an article about this very issue, by immigrants.

        As to your questions.
        I’m quoting the gospel of John, chapter 10, and Revelation 21-22 from the bible.
        Jesus said, if anyone does not enter through him, they are a thief.
        The Heavenly city of Jerusalem itself has doors, gates, and walls.

        Heaven’s door has been swung wide open for 100% of all humanity to come.
        Jesus IS the door.
        I.e., he’s the only way anyone gets to come to heaven. I’m not getting in by anything except for trusting Jesus. Billy Graham isn’t getting in any other way except for placing his trust in Jesus.

        In like manner, everyone who wants to come to America is welcome. As long as they follow the law. If you read the article I’ve provided, you’ll have seen that in spite of the inconvenience, these immigrants are pleased, and proud, and satisfied with the same.
        One even said that he’d prefer the laws to protect our society against political and religious enemies.

        My sisters married Hispanic brothers. The brothers both took the time, expense, and painstaking effort to become American citizens– legally!

  • Steve Buckley

    As I said to another poster, I did not post a complete treatise of my views, which I see as biblically, and legally based, on the issue of immigration.
    Nor do I think my views are the only one’s which are valid.
    As for my background.
    I am a descendant of immigrants, and have family who are married to first generation immigrants. As such, I’ve been examining the topic for a long time. Well beyond a decade.
    So, I posted a selection of ideas, and figured that anyone who has a valid claim would be intelligent enough to post such. So far, y’all are doing really poorly. This is not an issue for small, petty, and brief, flyby verbal bombing raids. And if you actually believe that it is, I’m embarrassed for you. I would have expected more maturity on this issue.
    Either step in and engage in discussion, or please stop embarrassing yourselves.
    I presented my reasons for saying that immigration of people who have radical ideologies are not sound. The US code, 8, section 1182 is the law on who is and who is not welcome in the United States of America.
    You can Google it. Your search parameters will be,
    8 US Code s1182.
    You’ll find several blog articles, and 2 legal links. Select the link. It’s the complete body of the law on this law of the USA, on this topic.
    I selected the bible verses I have because I keep reading people who are misquoting, or ignoring copious other bible passages on the issue. So far, I’m not seeing anything to take seriously.

  • Could you possibly share a larger version of the photo? This would be nice for me to print out (for personal use, of course).

  • Steve Buckley

    As this topic is such a hot topic, it appears that even European people want Muslim migration to stop.

    And this happened prior to Trump’s notice.