Guns vs. Refugees: Hypocrisy Illustrated

Guns vs. Refugees: Hypocrisy Illustrated February 3, 2017

We see one practical example of the above in the decision of Republican politicians to remove laws that restricted the access of people with mental illnesses to guns.

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  • jh

    The republican will state this – gun rights are constitutional. granting refugees asylum is not part of the constitution.

    Never underestimate the ability of a conservative to use anything as an excuse to avoid doing even the smallest act of kindness or mercy. It’s the same arguemnt they will use to fight against government welfare programs such as SNAP. They will go “the church should do that” or “the individual should do that” while ignoring the fact that the church and the individual failed miserably at providing even a quarter of the aid and actually promoted misery and exploitation of the poor.


      Americans have been given inalienable Rights By Our Creator, Amongst those Recognized By Our Constitution, Is the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, And they Shall Not Be Infringed. As far as the Church giving welfare relief, and Health care, You show You are young and mis-informed, The Catholic Church ran Many Hospitals, they were forced out for Not Being Part of Murdering Babies By the Govt. Same with Food Pantries, Soup Kitchens, Homeless Shelters, Govt Came in and Pushed Over-Regulations on those Charities, And let me tell you, Govt blows compared to how the Churches did it. Since You are blindly following the talking points on ”Refugees ” from Syria, look up Democrat Tulsi Gabbard, She just came back from Syria and is getting much shit from the War-mongers on both the left and right. As far as Vetting goes, The Director of the FBI, CIA, and DHS have all stated they can’t properly vet these Moslems, Examples are the Terrorist Wife in the San Bernadino Mass Shooting, The Terrorists who Raped the Young girls up in Twin Falls Idaho, The Terrorist who Beheaded two women in South Dakota, the Terrorist who Killed the Five Military Recruiters, The Terrorist who Killed the five Young People in Camden NJ, the Terrorists who jumped two white couples and put both men and one of the women in the intensive care unit in Philadelphia , Need I go on ? As far as Snap goes, and all the other Govt. Welfare programs, When My Forefather came here, he needed top know how to read, write, and speak English, Needed to pass a complete physical, needed to have a means to support himself, and there was NO Welfare, No SNAP, No Subsidized Housing, No Free Healthcare, Etc. Welfare is not meant to be a Lifestyle, meant to be temporary help. Barry has increased the Rolls on welfare to almost 49 % of the Population, as Employment has gone down exponentially. AND< Every Nation has Borders, Just like so many bleeding hearts have Gated and Walled Communities they live in, They're so magnanimous with We The People's Money, It's not Our Job to Care for all the People in their Third World Countries, You want to help, go do some Charity Work, Like I've been doing for the last thirty Years, Until YOU do something Yourself, You can Just Shut the Hell Up.

      • jh

        bullshit. We can look at the historical data and it shows that when the government intervened, the poor and the vast majority of american’s living standards increased.

        You’re drinking kool-aid and pretending that it’s wine. Try using that gray matter in your head for more than filling an empty cavity.

        Excellent use of the sharpshooter fallacy btw. I look forward to seeing you flounder while I mention Sandy Hook, the recent religious terrorist attack on a mosque in Canada, the religious supremacist attack on a black church and the numerous “lone, mentally ill’ white gun men shooter incidents we’ve had.

    • Jm

      Yep. I see how right you are! You need go no further than the idea expressed in first line of this second comment,
      God gives me the right to guns,
      to know all fact, reason and logic are out the door. I worked in Catholic hospitals in administration and what he says about us is a flat out lie.