If I Had Lived Back Then

If I Had Lived Back Then February 2, 2017

Just as people say that we don’t realize that we are living in the “good old days” until they have passed, so too we tend not to recognize the significance of a presidency, a protest march, a speech, or a stand, until later.

History is being made every moment. The big question is whether we will be proud or ashamed when later generations tell the story, and whether you or I will do anything worth singling out and remembering.

But if we don’t, then we will be remembered – collectively if not individually – for our inaction, for what we failed to do.

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  • Gary

    “The big question is whether we will be proud or ashamed when later generations tell the story”…

    I remember the summer of ’67, when my neighbor friend returned from his freshman year at U.C. Berkeley. He was the brightest high school student I knew. He returned with his own stories of drug use. Not pot, but LSD and heroin. And a warning. If you are up there, don’t express support for the Pigs (police) in public. He said you will indeed get beat up. He transferred to UCLA and eventually straightened himself out. Seems as though nothing much has changed, historically, with U.C. Berkeley. If I had lived back then (which I did), better to move, than to express your opinions openly, unless you are fully aware of your surroundings. LIberals have no more to be proud of than conservatives.