Ken Ham’s Bible Fanfic

Ken Ham’s Bible Fanfic February 20, 2017

Ham’s brand of Christianity

Ham’s brand of Christianity is more like Bible fan fiction than the Christian faith most members of mainstream churches would recognize. It is important not to let Ham defined what it means to be a “real” Christian, since his version is a modern confabulation of Victorian fundamentalism and bonkers pseudo-historical speculation.

Visit Colavito’s blog to learn more about the Nephilim vs. dinosaurs gladiator exhibit, and the Tweets related to it, that inspired the above quote.

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  • Phil Ledgerwood

    I love that quote, but really you could extend it to a lot of contemporary, American expressions of Christianity. I usually refer to American evangelicalism as a story loosely based on biblical characters.

  • Tim

    Nephilim vs. Dinosaurs sounds like something from a Japanese B movie.

  • Brandon Roberts

    we all know ham is stupid (at least for the most part)