The Latest Terrorist Attack

The Latest Terrorist Attack February 24, 2017

America has a real problem with terrorism, and we should all be very concerned.

The situation involves immigrants, locals, and murder.

As you may have heard, Adam Purinton – a white American – shot two people in Kansas, killing one of them, while shouting at them to go back to their country.

The man who died from his gunshot wounds was Srinivas Kuchibhotla:


Should we respond to this by fearing all Americans who look like they are of European extraction? Should we create a white registry to keep tabs on such dangerous individuals?

Or should you learn the lesson that creating fear of others is in fact what leads people of a variety of shades of skin tone and ethnic backgrounds to hate and harm others, and work to combat that?

The only way to work to overcome that problem is to get to know people, to work to foster mutual understanding and acceptance.

It is a difficult path to follow.

But the alternative approach leads to murder and death, perpetuating fear and hostility. And so it does nothing to keep you safe.

You can read more about the incident I talk about above in the Washington Post.

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  • The reason white American terrorists are not acknowledged by our white American politicians, is because it is not conducive to the white American “us against them” scare tactics they used to get elected.

  • Are you paid to pretend to be this innumerate and intellectually dishonest?

  • Bob Stark

    Frank, did you write any little articles like this about the THOUSANDS of Christians that were killed by Muslim terrorist in Africa over the last two years?

    • Joe Anyman

      But the argument is not about worldwide violence, he`s noting the US here.

  • Bazinga Bazinga

    Easiest, most effective way to terrorize a nation is through its water supply. Amazing that we would put one of our natural resources in the hands of a foreign company, Suez Water of NJ. If our government should control anything, it should be natural resources. Foreign investment in a U.S company is one thing. Foreign control, monitoring and disbursement of a U.S. natural resource is scary.