If It Happened Today, In Our Galaxy…

If It Happened Today, In Our Galaxy… March 2, 2017

If the Star Wars movies had been commenting on very recent events, this is how things might have unfolded.

Here’s the interesting question: If the prequels had gone in this direction, how would the original trilogy have to be revised? What would be different, and how might those differences offer commentary on our current political and information realities (and falsities)? 

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  • Gary

    “commentary on our current political and information realities”.

    Proof that history repeats itself. McCarthism exists in 2017. There is a dirty rotten Communist under every bed. In every Republican private discussion, there is a dirty rotten Putin spy trying to influence American politics. That dirty rotten Sessions meeting with Soviets to secretly take over the U.S. Government, according to the illustrious Senator, Nancy Pelosi. All of Trump’s spokesmen during the election were secretly conspiring with the dirty rotten Communists to take control of the U.S. Government. Wait – I’ve been watching too much of CNN and MSNBC. Fake News doesn’t exist. Fake News doesn’t exist! I keep telling myself. We only have trainers in Iraq. There are no “boots on the ground”. We are a peaceful people, following the Constitution. We do not kill people without due process. We are a peaceful people. Jar Jar would be proud at how much we are a responsible people, “No again! No again! The beings hereabouts are kwazy! We shall be robbed and crunched!”

    • Nick G

      That’s a fine imitation of Trump’s speaking style!

      • Gary

        Exsqueeze me… I got Pelosi, Head of the New House Un-American Activities Committee, confused with Senator Joe McCarthy. She is rooting out all those dirty rotten Communist millionaires within the Trump administration. And trying to purge the Senate of Communist sympathizers. But she is only a lowly Representative, not an illustrious Senator.

  • arcseconds

    One of the many things that Trump’s ascendancy has made very clear is that you don’t have to be a honey-tongued Palpatine with an insidious, multi-layered plot to get into power.

    Instead you can just be a bloviating, bullying jerk who blathers in something approaching stream-of-consciousness, and utters outright and obvious lies half the time, just so long as you hype up the fears of your base, make extravagant promises to make their dreams come true, continue to attack their perceived enemies, and projects power and confidence.

    It’s kind of disappointing really.

    Trumpaltine wouldn’t bother keeping the Jedi onside, and wouldn’t need a credible threat to respond to. Instead he’d immediately insult the Jedi as being weakling pacifists; unrealistic dreamers; an elitist, secretive organisation that doesn’t represent Real Galaticans; probably malevolently working on a coup right now; an impotent and alien religious cult; they’re led by an elderly alien who’s well past his prime, how can we really trust them? When have they actually done anything for you?.

    He also wouldn’t need to engineer an actual war, he’d just tell everyone that the Trade Federation were taking away real Galatic jobs and prosperity and we need to protect ourselves from them. Real Galaticans are very concerned about this, they tell me all the time.

  • John MacDonald

    Anakin probably would have been voted by the senate to the position of Emperor when Palpatine eventually died of “natural causes.” lol