Mutant in the Armor of God

Mutant in the Armor of God April 14, 2017

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  • Gary

    Salt not losing its saltiness. They should have a black one, for pepper. Maybe the trade route to India hadn’t been established yet.

    • From a BBC article on the death of Dalek creator Ray Cusick:

      ‘In a 2008 episode of BBC Three’s Doctor Who Confidential, Mr Cusick visited the BBC props department and explained his inspiration for the design of the Daleks, which has changed very little over the years.
      “People do say I was inspired by a pepper pot – but I always think ‘If that’s all it takes to become a designer then it’s a doddle’.”
      He explained that, in fact, the pepper pot detail came from a lunch with Bill Roberts, the special effects expert who would make the Daleks, when Mr Cusick picked up a pepper pot and moved it around the table, telling him: “It’s going to move like that – no visible means.”
      “Ever since then people say I was inspired by a pepper pot – but it could have been the salt pot I picked up,” he said.’

  • John MacDonald

    Yahweh: “Put on the Armor of God, because you’re not good enough on your own.”