Presenting the 13th Doctor!

Presenting the 13th Doctor! July 16, 2017

The news broke early – because the tennis finished early – that the next Doctor will pe played by…

Jodie Whittaker.

I can totally see it, can’t you? I am really liking this new way the BBC has been approaching the announcements of new Doctors starting with Capaldi.


There is a little bit more information on the BBC website, but a lot more on the Doctor Who official site, including an interview with thirteen questions, and a bio about Whittaker.

The pronouns in this depiction of the “regeneration cycle” that fans go through will need adjustment…


How are you feeling about the news? Excited? Apprehensive? Or just still not ready for Capaldi to go?

I hope that her first words as the Doctor aren’t “Oh, I’m a woman now” but “Still not ginger…” And I hope that, with no companion continuing with the Doctor, it is a long while before the Doctor meets anyone she knows who might remark on the gender change in any way. It will be fantastic if Doctor Who seizes its unique opportunity to do what no other show could: change the gender of the central character and have no need to comment on it within the show’s dialogue.


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  • Sue Burnam

    Hoping for Olivia Colman, but still very happy!

  • Doug

    Being pedantic, I would like to point out it’s Whittaker!

    • Not pedantic at all! Sorry for the error. I will fix it!

      • Doug


  • TrevorN

    Please spare us any flirtation with a young male companion.

  • Dachusblot

    Yay!!! So excited about this! Now hopefully they’ll also do something different with her companion. Personally, I’ve wanted the Doctor to have an adorable old man as a companion ever since we got to hang out with Wilf way back. But mainly, I just hope they don’t do any kind of Doctor/companion romantic entanglements, ugh.