Clara Oswald’s New Travel Companion

Clara Oswald’s New Travel Companion August 22, 2017

Clara-and-Danny-clara-oswald-and-danny-pink-37750129-1812-938It will be good to fill the break in Doctor Who episodes (as we eagerly await its return for the Christmas special) with other things related to the show (for instance, finally completing my series blogging through every single episode from the classic show).

But first, let me offer a bit of speculation about how fans might (and how the show could, if it wants to) resolve the loose end of Danny Pink and Clara Oswald not ending up together and having children who might become the ancestor of Orson Pink. Of course, it is never explicitly said that Orson Pink is descended from Clara and/or Danny. But the fact that he says that his grandmother told him stories about time travel certainly led viewers to believe that that was the case, and seemed specifically intended to do that. Now, to be sure, there is always a wibbly wobbly timey wimey way to adjust continuity and address plot loose ends, but I’m more interested in finding one that works relatively straightforwardly in relation to the existing details within the long ongoing narrative of Doctor Who. And so what follows is my suggestion along these lines.

As you will recall, the Doctor swooped in and rescued Clara in the moment before her death, and so she eventually needs to return there, but in the meantime can be off adventuring together with Me.

Presumably at some point, Me grows bored and decides to do something else, leaving Clara on her own. Whether before that happens or subsequently, at some point Clara realizes that what the Doctor did in her case, she can do in Danny’s.

And so she uses her own TARDIS to rescue Danny, and they live happily ever after, until at some point when they are old and grey, with children and grandchildren, they say goodbye to them and each return to their moment of death.

What do you think? Is this a fairly straightforward way of filling in the gaps in this story arc? I think it works, but would welcome your input. And yes, I do recognize that this is an attempt to tie up loose ends on a show that is full of contradictions, and in which the timeline can be rewritten so as to make it unnecessary to resolve the contradictions (within the show’s inner logic, at least). But I’ve had this thought for a while, and so it seemed to me appropriate to engage in – and share – this speculation.

Of course, that still doesn’t explain why Orson Pink was wearing the same spacesuit as the Doctor wore in “The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit”… Do any of you have any thoughts on how that might plausibly have come about? is there any already-existing Doctor Who fan fiction that has been written that tries to address this?

Steven Moffatt has shared another possibility – and in the process, he emphasizes that, until the show actually does something with the rest of the story, if it ever does, there is no one solution to this conundrum.

Of related interest, ReGeneration Who featured an interesting discussion of Doctor Who and mortality.


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  • Josh Man

    Nice theory! I like it and have accepted it as head canon. As for the spacesuit, it’s shown up a few times, I think it is just a common space suit for the time period that Orson Pink is from!

  • Regarding Clara’s condition after he extracts her from the time stream, the Doctor says:

    “Your physical processes have been time looped… Frozen between one heartbeat and the next. Even your breathing is just a habit. You don’t need it.”

    Clara and Ashildr shed more light on her condition later:

    ASHILDR: Still no pulse?
    CLARA: Time isn’t healing. I am still frozen.
    ASHILDR: You know what that means?
    CLARA: It means my death is a fixed event. The universe depends on it happening.
    ASHILDR: I’m sorry.
    CLARA: Why? Why does everybody think I am so scared? We all face the raven in the end. That is the deal. If I go back to Gallifrey, they can put me back, right? On Trap Street, the moment they took me out?
    ASHILDR: Of course.
    CLARA: Mind you, seeing as I’m not actually ageing, there’s a tiny little bit of wiggle room, isn’t there?

    The problem is that Clara doesn’t age. As her heartbeat, aging, and other physical processes are frozen in time, I doubt she could have children either.

    What if it was one of her splinter characters who becomes Orson Pink’s grandmother? Maybe one of her splinter characters adopts a lateral descendent of Danny, much as Clara took a bit of care of Danny when he was a little boy named Rupert at the West Country Children’s Home in Gloucester.

    • Yes, I think you are right. I had forgotten that her heart was not beating and she was essentially all but dead, and thus as a result reproduction would probably be impossible.

      Having another of the splinters of Clara find her way to a relative of Danny’s might be a better solution. Great thinking!