Distracted Religion and Sci-Fi Memes

Distracted Religion and Sci-Fi Memes August 29, 2017

Distracted by modern science meme

A student made a meme about modern theology and philosophy and shared it with a colleague, who in turn shared it with me, and I of course thought that I ought to share it with you. I’ve saved what I think is the best of these memes (one that I made myself, on a topic that I think interests most readers of this blog) for last, and you will find it at the bottom of this post. If you came here via Facebook, I made that one the preview image. Hopefully the rest of this post will have been worth reading on your way there…

First, some brief general introduction. I presume you’ve all seen some version of these memes, which make use of stock photos by Antonio Guillem. It is clear that the memes are being created and circulating even among those who have not paid him for use of the photo, and it is also clear that once something like this goes viral, there is no real chance of stopping it. Nevertheless, hopefully this incredible and unexpected exposure is also leading to some added earnings for the photographer!

Anyway, returning to the meme above, can you come up with any other memes of this sort that relate to religion and/or theology?

For those who read my blog for things related to science fiction, and put up as patiently as they can with my blogging about religion, let me share a version especially for some of you, albeit one that does not reflect my own outlook…

Star Wars distracted meme

For the sci-fi fans reading this, what other science fiction versions of this meme can you come up with?

Finally, returning to religion but from a different angle, here’s one that relates to atheists, their penchant for skepticism, and the fact that some turn their heads away from the principles of skepticism when Jesus mythicism comes walking by.

Atheist distracted by mythicism meme

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  • jamesparson

    This atheist has no trouble calling Jesus a myth. Maybe its because I am from California.

    • If you mean he is a myth inasmuch as his story is filled with and overlaid with mythical elements, then you are just saying what mainstream secular historians say. If you are saying that you think that there was no historical Jesus of any sort behind those myths, then you are a denialist with respect to mainstream history.

      • jamesparson

        Thanks for the clarification

        I think there was a historical Jesus. I don’t the original person would have been called Jesus, because Jesus sounds way to Latin.

        • Indeed, even the Greek Iesous was a transformation of the underlying Jewish name Joshua. The most likely Galilean Aramaic pronunciation of the underlying name is Yeshu, and we still see that reflected in the Talmud.

  • Yikes that’s a cringeworthy meme (the worst I’ve ever seen of this genre, and I’ve seen a lot of them on Twitter). There is no contradiction between Jesus non-historicism and skepticism.

    • I would not expect someone who embraces racist and other unjustifiable stances to find any problem with mythicist denialism. The meme will only be appreciated by those who adopt defensible stances that are compatible with the way academics approach knowledge and study.

  • Gary

    Probably shouldn’t say this, but in order,
    “Big Bang – Evolution – Orthodoxy”.

  • Without bothering with photoshop, I could take that last meme, keep the “Skepticism”, but change “Atheist” to “Christian” and change “Mythicism” to “Minimal Facts Resurrection Apologetics” or “Intelligent Design Creationism” or “Donald Trump”.

    You might object that such a meme would unfairly describe many “Christians”.

    And I would respond, “Exactly. Now hand me back my Atheist label, please.”

    • I didn’t think that, in using the “Distracted Boyfriend” meme, I needed to say “Not all boyfriends…” 🙂

    • I will redo that, but with Donald Trump, Conservative Christians, and Jesus! 🙂

      • I didn’t think that, in using the “Distracted Boyfriend” meme, I needed to say “Not all boyfriends…” 🙂

  • arcseconds

    Didn’t philosophy break up with theology and started at the very least a long-running affair with modern science back in oh, I don’t know, 1600?