Making Monotheism

Making Monotheism December 27, 2017

A number of posts around the blogosphere have touched on this topic that has long been of great interest to me. To start with, Mark Ganville writes in his review of Lester Grabbe’s book 1 & 2 Kings:

Grabbe traces the development of monotheistic Yahwism from a polytheistic context where Yahweh was one among many gods, a ‘son’ of El, to the monotheistic religion of the DH.

Izaak de Hulster has blogged about the subject of his book, Figurines in Achaemenid period Yehud, on the use of idols by monotheists in Judaea in the Persian era.

Richard Beck talked about Open Theism and whether God, as conceived of within monotheism, should be envisaged as omniscient.

Daniel McClellan shared his article, “Cognitive Perspectives on Early Christology.”

A number of classic books related to Christology, divinity, and monotheism have recently been re-released.

And Philip Clayton talks about being a Christian process theologian.

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