World Premiere: Alex McGrath’s Adagio for Flute and Two Violins

World Premiere: Alex McGrath’s Adagio for Flute and Two Violins January 23, 2018

I love sharing new music from lots of sources, but you may be able to guess that this is one that I am especially excited about. This is my son’s composition, an “Adagio for Flute and Two Violins,” which he wrote for this ensemble at his school which include him, another violinist Noah Weiner, and Anna Chinni on flute as the performers. This is the world premiere, and although I expect that an even better-quality recording will be available in the not too distant future, I decided to share this here more or less immediately, simply because I’m proud, and because I think you’ll enjoy listening to the piece.

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  • Marcia Culligan

    I’m impressed. This lovely piece sounds like it could easily have been part of the soundtrack from the Lord of the Rings films. It has that sound and sense to it. (I’m a big fan of soundtrack music.)

  • YardDweller

    You are right to be proud. That is lovely.

    • L E

      I would never let a black person in my home or anywhere near my family. It’s just common sense.

  • John MacDonald

    Children are a wonderful source of warmth and meaning in our lives. Without children many of us would feel profoundly empty.

  • It is pure sacrilege to take a composer’s original work and alter it just as I have with young Alex’s composition. For that I sincerely apologize to Alex. I used to own a recording studio in CA and I produced music. There was something about this adagio that was gnawing at me, so I took ninety-minutes to make some tempo change, enhancements to sweeten the instruments and gently truncated about four seconds of squeaky notes. Alex has composed a splendid piece of music. It just needed a bit of sound design work to polish it up.

    As posted on my website: