Second Temple Early Career Academy

Second Temple Early Career Academy March 22, 2018

Charlotte Hempel shared this news on Facebook:

We are today launching the STECA Blog – A Virtual Common Room for Doctoral Researchers and Early Career Researchers in Second Temple Judaism and beyond. Take a look and we hope you enjoy our monthly group-blog.

Meet the great ECR Team:
Mike DeVries (Birmingham) Marieke Dhont (Cambridge) Jessica Mary Keady (Trinity St Davids, Wales) Joseph Scales (Birmingham) and Elisa Uusimaki (Helsinki).

We are international and collaborative in spirit and already proud to work with EABS Grads Beth Hayes CSTT_Helsinki Jutta Jokiranta and Tavis Bohlinger.

We hope together we can make a difference to individuals and our discipline.

Their blog is one that you’ll want to add to your feed reader if you use one. But the site promises to include not only blog posts but other resources relevant to those studying early Judaism. It should be a great new thing for those who are still working on their PhDs or are early in their careers, but it should also have a lot that will be of interest even to those of us who have been in this or related fields for a long time.

On a note that is also related to academic societies, I was struck by a post that came from the International Society of the Friends of Cicero (Société internationale des Amis de Cicéron), which included a list of recent publications and conferences about him, in an impressively diverse array of languages, coming from scholars in the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Romania, and Macedonia. And that was just one newsletter! I think it would be great if there were an organization which made a point of noting and circulating publications, conferences, talks, and other such things of academic interest not only in the major European languages but in a truly global way. Obviously it could not be a society focused on “ancient Judaism” or “early Christianity” or something broad like that – there would be too much material to keep up with! But if different groups were to undertake this with a focus on the history of synagogues and their activities, or on the Pastoral Epistles, it ought to be manageable. Anyone interested in taking something like that on? Obviously there could then be an ever-growing consortium of such smaller groups which could significantly represent fields as a whole…

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