Apocryphal Calls for Papers

Apocryphal Calls for Papers July 25, 2018

A couple of calls for paper on Christian apocrypha have come to my attention. Here is the one with the nearest deadline (but see below the text for images about not only this one, but another as well):

CFP is now open for: “Visualizing Women in the Apocrypha,” Call for Papers for Special Session at the International Congress on Medieval Studies (ICMS 2019), May 9 to 12, 2019, Western Michigan University.

The proposed session is devoted to the construction and visualization of women as reflected in apocryphal sources with the aim of bringing into attention this generally neglected topic/sources which seem to be underrepresented. The existent literature, in the general field of apocrypha, indicates that there is space for debate on issues connected to gender in these sources.

Research in this field concentrates mostly on the textual tradition and transmission of apocryphal texts, yet aspects concerning the construction and function of women and gender still need to be addressed. Hence, we seek to examine issues related to the status, function, and identity of women who may be models and/or background figures in fields pertaining, but not limited to: theology, religious studies, textual studies, manuscript studies, art history in a transdisciplinary perspective.

Via Medieval Art Research and Apocryphicity.




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