#CFP Science Fiction Food and Drink

#CFP Science Fiction Food and Drink August 19, 2018

The International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts shared a call for papers on a fascinating and neglected topic as far as scholarly attention is concerned: food and drink in science fiction. Here are more details:

CFP, edited volume: Food and Drink in Science Fiction

“But now, we must eat!”
Food and Drink in Science Fiction

Deadline for abstracts: November 15, 2018

Edited by Cindy Miller, Steve Rabitsch, and Michael Fuchs this volume will discuss food and drink in science fiction across media—movies, television shows, literature, video games, comics, etc. Of course, as forms of sustenance, food and drink are among the essential elements of life. But this is also precisely why representations of food and drink are always ripe with meaning. As this book will show, science fiction uses food and drink to explore pertinent issues ranging from the homogenization of food in a globalized economy to the exploitation of our natural resources and the attendant phenomena of water, air, and soil pollution, deforestation, and the scarcification of food.

If you are interested in contributing to this volume, please submit a 500-word proposal to science.fiction.food@gmail.com. All submissions will be acknowledged. If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt within 48 hours, you may assume that your email hasn’t reached us for some reason. In that case, please re-submit. Please also direct any questions you might have to the email address indicated above.
We will most likely first approach European university presses with this project, as they generally move ahead faster than their American counterparts.

Click through for the pdf of the full call for papers, which will be a delight for science fiction fans just in terms of the three quotes from sci-fi that introduce it, never mind the other details.

Of related interest, but about food from the past rather than the future, Yale University shared a video about the recreation of some ancient Babylonian recipes. Here’s the video:

See too the books listed in the latest Bloomsbury newsletter, related to food and religion.

CFP: Food and Drink in Science Fiction, Edited Volume

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