ReligionProf Podcast Episode 10 with Anthony Le Donne

ReligionProf Podcast Episode 10 with Anthony Le Donne October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween! In this episode, Anthony Le Donne and I continue our conversation about the historical Jesus and related matters of interest. I shouldn’t need to say anything more, both because I know readers of this blog are interested in this topic, and I know people interested in this topic want to hear what Anthony has to say. And I also am confident that you’ve been eagerly awaiting part two of this conversation because you listened to part 1!

Brian Le Port mentioned the publication of a study that he and Anthony wrote together, seeking to triangulate on John the Baptist using existing sources. My own current book project about John the Baptist is seeking to do much the same thing – but bringing Mandaean sources into the picture.

Anthony also highlighted something on his blog recently that he and I talked a little about outside of the podcast, but didn’t get to talk about in the podcast itself, namely his new book about religion and Game of ThronesGods of Thrones, which started out on Kickstarter and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. I will definitely need to get him back on the podcast to talk about this other book. It is fascinating how many academics in biblical studies also do work of some sort related to popular culture!

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