ReligionProf Podcast Episode 9 with Anthony Le Donne

ReligionProf Podcast Episode 9 with Anthony Le Donne October 24, 2018

New Testament scholar Anthony Le Donne visited the campus of Butler University recently to make a guest appearance in my class on the historical Jesus, focusing on the question of whether Jesus was married. We also sat down to record an episode for the ReligionProf Podcast – and by the end of the usual time limit on an episode, we found we weren’t yet done, and so we recorded a second episode as well! You’ll have to wait until next week for that one, but I guarantee you that there is enough in each episode to provide sufficient food for thought to last you more than a week, even if it will also leave you eager for more.

Don’t miss that he has a new book out, the title of which is…Jesus!

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