ReligionProf Podcast Episode 17 with Brent Hege (plus the new Faith and Vocation Podcast!)

ReligionProf Podcast Episode 17 with Brent Hege (plus the new Faith and Vocation Podcast!) December 19, 2018

In this week’s ReligionProf Podcast my guest is my Butler University colleague, Brent Hege. Brent and I share a lot of interests in common – not just theology in general, for instance, but particulars like Rudolf Bultmann and Paul Tillich, as well as the phenomenon of creationism, and other intersections between theology and science such as that which is the focus of this year’s Butler Seminar on Religion and Global Affairs (and a topic that we thought we’d get to in this week’s podcast, but ended up saving for a future occasion), namely ecotheology and the intersection of environmentalism and religious faith. What you can hear in this podcast, however, includes out how reading Bultmann can save someone’s faith, and what it is like for us both to be Christians who teach theology and/or religion at a secular institution.

Brent has been blogging recently on the Center for Faith and Vocation blog, and at the time when we recorded this episode, he was still at the stage of planning to start a podcast of his own in the very near future. That podcast has now launched, and so let me direct your attention to it:

Check out Brent’s books, Myth, History, and the Resurrection in German Protestant Theology and Faith at the Intersection of History and Experience: The Theology of Georg Wobbermin. Also check out his Selected Works page on the Butler University institutional repository for articles, book excerpts, and presentations.

You can view the first public lecture in this year’s Butler Seminar on Religion and Global Affairs on YouTube. Its title is “The Places that Move Us: Ecological Vocations.”

And here is the second, about non-theistic traditions and the environment:

Don’t miss Brent’s blog post on the Center for Faith and Vocation blog about the lecture as well, to find out more about what Buddhism and Jainism bring to the conversation!

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  • John MacDonald

    The question in the podcast about Bultmann and whether there is presuppositionless faith resonated with me. It reminded me of the point that we don’t have any writing from Jesus (or Socrates, for that matter), just Jesus through the lens of Luke, or Jesus through the lens of Mark, etc. I was reminded of Kierkegaard and the pseudonyms, whereby we don’t have Kierkegaard, but rather Kierkegaard from the point of view of Constantine Constantius, or Johannes de Silentio, etc.

    For whatever reason I also connected this podcast to the humility of admitting there is ambiguity in the evidence, which is why, for instance, we can have equally brilliant theists and atheists considering the same evidence and coming to completely opposite conclusions about the ultimate Being of reality.