Canon #CFP x2 (Bible and Beyond)

Canon #CFP x2 (Bible and Beyond) May 4, 2019

Two calls for papers and several other items related to canon came to my attention that I knew I should share. Here they are!

Now back to writing about canon and Star Wars…as you’ll see if you read on, that is the reason I thought this so apt for Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you!

Also of related interest will be Bart Ehrman lecturing about Constantine and addressing misperceptions. It connects to this post for the obvious reason that Constantine is so often erroneously connected with the creation of the New Testament canon.

Constantine and the Christian Faith: My Fourth Smithsonian Lecture

There is an interview with John Barton that mentions the canon.

The Sacred Texts blog explored the wider subject of canon, and managed to connect it to Romanian stamps!

Hemant Mehta blogged about the Bible and Harry Potter, not focusing on canon, but obviously one can focus on canon in both.

Who Needs the Bible When You Have the Harry Potter Series?

I also saw an article about a course at the University of Chicago on Star Wars and religion.

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