The Dynamics of Interfaith Podcast

The Dynamics of Interfaith Podcast May 29, 2019

I decided to substitute this news for the usual Wednesday blog post about my own podcast. I am delighted to announce that Rachel Koehler’s podcast about the Center for Interfaith Cooperation in Indianapolis, “The Dynamics of Interfaith,” which I have mentioned here previously, is now live! You can learn more about it in the first teaser episode (as announced recently on the Center for Interfaith Cooperation website). Here are the first few episodes:

You can find others on the podcast site. Let me share one more here, because of the Butler University connection. Daniel Meyers is on the CIC board, and is the Director of the Center for Faith and Vocation at Butler University, which resulted from a NetVUE grant. If you’re not familiar with such centers, their vocation-focused blog may be worth exploring. Daniel wrote a post for their blog about vocation. And the Center for Faith and Vocation itself has a blog, with posts by interns such as Rachel Jacobs and Maggie Kieffer.

Here’s Daniel’s interview on the podcast:

I do hope you’ll listen to all the episodes!

I am doubly proud, since not only is the podcast a result of interviews that Rachel conducted while working on her honors thesis under my supervision, but the music that is used for the intro and outro segment is by my son, Alex McGrath, excerpted from a song that he and his girlfriend co-wrote, called “Run Away (Stay With Me).” You can listen to the complete song here:

Add Rachel’s podcast to your subscriptions and tune in!

Her thesis about the Center for Interfaith Cooperation will eventually be available for you to read through the Butler University online collection of undergraduate theses. In the meantime, if you explore that collection you will find lots that is of interest, going back decades, on a range of fascinating topics!



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