Better than a Pie Chart

Better than a Pie Chart July 19, 2019

I thought I should share this chart which is more fitting and better in so many ways than a “pie chart” for depicting the religious diversity in Lebanon. I give you…the tabbouleh chart!

If one looks at a more literal attempt to depict the religious diversity in Lebanon, you’ll see that the above is not an entirely inappropriate representation.

The relevance of tabbouleh to getting along among the religions is also highlighted in this article.

What’s your favorite variation on or alternative to the pie chart? Here are a few that I’ve shared here in the past…

Egyptian Pie Chart

Jedi Training Pie Chart

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  • John MacDonald

    My favorite kind of “pie” is The Em-pie-re Strikes Back, but the only Emperor-Type I am interested in is a Philosopher King!

  • Erp

    Ah yes the fun of the religious pie chart for the wikipedia Religion in Lebanon article. Admittedly the Religion in Northern Ireland is the one that went way over the top.

    • Which one is that? I went there expecting one that looked like an Ulster Fry or something along those lines and was disappointed…

      • Erp

        Apologies for being misleading, I was just considering the two pie charts plus considerable number of other charts which overall probably confuse people rather than educates them (a lot of wikipedia editors fail to consider that just because you can make a chart doesn’t mean it should be included). In Lebanon’s case the wikipedia entry pie chart is supposedly only of citizens (once you read the fine print) but given that refugees (some of them multi-generational refugees) make up a sizeable proportion of the population having a citizen only chart is misleading (and I’m not sure I necessarily trust the sources). Add in the “editors” who change the figures with no source or mix different sources together to create a chart.

        • No problem. Now I’m thinking that all we need is a photo of a Northern Ireland-shaped plate with an Ulster Fry on it, and we can make another variation on the pie chart…