ReligionProf Podcast with Brandon Hawk

ReligionProf Podcast with Brandon Hawk October 9, 2019

The ReligionProf Podcast is back! In this episode I talk with Brandon Hawk about his new book, The Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew and the Nativity of Mary.

I’m still debating whether I should try to keep up the pace of having an episode every week, should make it every other week or monthly, or should just do them as often or infrequently as happens to work out. I assume that podcasts are like blogs, and that people will for the most part subscribe, or if not, will check them regularly, and so will not depend on there being a regular schedule. It isn’t like traditional television and radio, right? But perhaps I am wrong – if so, I trust that you will let me know!

Here are some other things that will hopefully get you interested in Brandon’s perspective – for instance, this video shows how medievalists notice details such as that The Last Jedi features the only instances of manuscripts in the Star Wars galaxy thus far:

See also things that he has shared on his blog, such as:

Medieval World Literature Senior Seminar

I had hoped to also get Lily Vuong on the podcast, but Tony Burke who set this up thought that the podcast appearances related to this new series should be spread around, and so here is hers:

Protevangelium of James: New/Old Views of Mary

Since Brandon and I talk about canon and Star Wars, this recent piece about the Mandalorian and the Expanded Universe is worth sharing here.

Fan Fiction and Alternative Gospels

Since I love puns, these two podcasts with punny titles seem worth sharing to me: Apodcalypse and Apocrypals. One has a Butler University connection. Apocrypals has focused on early Christian apocrypha such as the Acts of Paul and Thecla and the Acts of John.

I love that there is a podcast about ancient Arabic commentaries on Hippocratipc paediatrics.

Mark Goodacre’s NT Pod is back!

The British Library has shared a number of things related to this podcast or at least to Brandon’s field, such as digitization of Middle English manuscripts, Medieval saints as protectors of animals, and decorated initials (i.e. first letters on a page).

On a humorous note, here’s a satirical piece in The Onion that made me wonder who’ll be appearing on my podcast in the future…

A call for papers about remakes, reboots, and adaptations, of which the texts Brandon talks and writes about are some, even if not the focus of this call for papers…

And on canon:

Another podcast of possible interest:

Sharon Ketcham – Reciprocal Church


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