Sacred Matters #CFP

Sacred Matters #CFP October 31, 2019

Established in 2014 at Emory University, Sacred Matters is a web magazine of public scholarship that undercuts conventional understandings of religion and reimagines the boundaries between religion and culture.

As a digital publication, Sacred Matters provides a forum for innovative scholarship by taking advantage of the Internet’s capabilities to deliver audio, video, images, and text and facilitating new ways of organizing and presenting commentary, opinion, and analysis.

We are always looking for contributors wanting to reach a popular audience with original ideas in a blog article format. We accept articles from graduate students, emerging scholars, and senior faculty.

With a range of blogs and websites dedicated to religion flourishing online right now, Sacred Matters has a unique place among its peer publications. Sacred Mattersfeatures articles and commentaries that bring often excluded conversations about religion, spirituality, sacred beings, and the sacred things of society to the fore. The scope of topics is expansive but culture-bound, ranging from science to popular culture; theology to sexuality; health and healing to the Internet. Sacred Matters is flexible enough for both amusing side projects and material directly related to dissertations or book projects.

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