#CFP Being a Girl #DoctorWho Edited Volume

#CFP Being a Girl #DoctorWho Edited Volume January 28, 2020

I became aware not long ago of a very cool call for papers for an edited volume, Being A Girl: Representations of Female and Feminism in Doctor Who:

The casting of Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor in 2017 caused a great uproar among Whovians.  The casting of a woman in a traditionally male role brought forth supporters and critics.  Questions fans asked included: Was the Doctor male?  Would a woman change the series?

With Whittaker now entering her second season as the Doctor, we believe it is time for a critical examination of women in Doctor Who.  We are seeking proposals for an edited/peer reviewed collection on the role of women in Doctor Who which discuss how women have been portrayed in the series – classic Who and new Who.  Topics for papers include, but are not limited to: companions as romantic interests, female stereotypes (girly-girl, warrior women, girlfriend, screamer, etc.), male writers – female characters, the female voice in the production process, whether time lords have gender, female casting of the Doctor, the role of female companions, Master/Missy, and Madame Vastra and Jenny. The editors are open to any proposal which fits within the larger theme of gender and the feminine in Doctor Who.

Proposals should be submitted to doctorginn@gmail.com by the 28 February 2020, with articles ready by the 30 November 2020.



Gillian I Leitch, PhD                                         Sherry Ginn, PhD

gilliandoctor@gmail.com                              doctorginn@gmail.com

The call comes via the blog of the Science Fiction and Fantasy section of the Popular Culture Association. It is one that it is worth subscribing to and/or keeping an eye on if you are an academic who works on any aspect of science fiction. The call seems especially timely given what was revealed in the episode “Fugitive of the Judoon”!

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  • Jon-Michael Ivey

    There was nothing wrong with having a female Doctor, but replacing everyone involved in the show and basically rebooting the series was a terrible move. There needed to be more continuity between this and previous series. The writing has been absolutely terrible in all but a couple episodes. It is preachy but in a very dumb unsophisticated way, more like Captain Planet than Doctor Who. There is almost never any depth or believable motivation for any of the antagonists. I don’t really mind Jodie herself but her companions are extremely annoying and not relatable at all. .

  • I Love Dr. Who and have since it began after John Kennedy’s assasination all those years ago. Casting his latest incarnation as a woman was fine. After all it is a different body.
    What I don’t like is the blatant liberalism woven into every story. It is science fiction not fantasy. I haven’t checked but I doubt the ratings are great because the stories are not great.

    • Well, to be fair, it has always been fantasy as well as sci-fi. The Doctor could be a wizard with a magical box and the stories wouldn’t need to change much.