#CFP Special Issue of Interdisciplinary Literary Studies on Hybridity and Star Trek

#CFP Special Issue of Interdisciplinary Literary Studies on Hybridity and Star Trek January 18, 2020

A call for papers about Star Trek:

Special Issue of Interdisciplinary Literary Studies: A Journal of Criticism and Theory (www.psupress.org/Journals/jnls_ILS.html).

We invite essays that investigate the concept of hybridity within the Star Trek universe.

Accepted essays will be published in a Special Issue of the peer-reviewed journal Interdisciplinary Literary Studies (Penn State University Press). Please submit essays of no longer than 7,500 words to http://www.editorialmanager.com/interlitstudies/. Select “Special Issue Article” before uploading your manuscript.

Deadline for receipt of essays is May 18, 2020

Possible topics include hybridity and:

The Anthropocene

The body, embodiment

Culture, language, religion, law



Gender, sexuality

Globalization, colonialism, postcolonialism


Immigration, diaspora, home


Media production, genre, performance

Philosophy, ideology, knowledge

Posthumanism, transhumanism

Race, ethnicity


Space, the environment


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