(Updated) Call for Submissions: Bible & Speculative Fiction #CFP

(Updated) Call for Submissions: Bible & Speculative Fiction #CFP January 23, 2020

A revised and extended call for papers from the Journal of Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies appears below. Please consider submitting something, but please also help spread the word by circulating this announcement!

The call for papers on the Bible and Science Fiction is re-opened with a broader call, now the Bible and Speculative Fiction. We are looking for articles dealing with the interactions of biblical and related non-biblical texts with literary, television, film and other cultural artefacts (video games; cartoons; graphic novels; etc) exploring themes of speculative fiction, science fiction, Afrofuturism, Indigenous futurisms, horror, and/or fantasy etc beyond the classic ‘canon’ of sci-fi, including anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion, for example. We are particularly interested in submissions that approach issues of identity, community formation, canon and canonicity, race, (de)colonization and exploration, creation, destruction, stewardship, disability, gender/sexuality and/or any other relevant focus. Papers that focus on the works of Octavia Butler, N K Jemisin, Samuel Delany, Claire Coleman, Stephen Graham Jones, Louise Erdrich, Daniel H Wilson, or Cherie Dimaline are especially welcome.

Please see Submission Guidelines for more information. Potential contributors are invited to contact the editors in chief about ideas in advance. Completed papers will be accepted for review any time before 1 October 2020.

NB: The original call last year brought many excellent submissions; however as editors we have decided to postpone the issue to allow for more minoritized scholars to participate. Postponing is not a matter of optics but one of quality and about including the range of perspectives and methodologies we are trying to foster at JIBS.


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