Rev. John Ortberg Sermon on Religion and Science

Rev. John Ortberg Sermon on Religion and Science February 3, 2020

BioLogos has an incredible wealth of resources that it offers to churches on a daily basis. Among recent ones that caught my attention is a sermon by Rev. John Ortberg on whether science disproves faith. I decided to turn a brief snippet into a meme to draw attention to it, but do read the rest. See also Jim Stump’s piece on whether belief in God is reasonable. I think the key point to emphasize is that, while it is indeed possible to view faith and science as incompatible, that represents a choice to adopt specific views of faith, science, and/or the Bible that plenty of Christians – one hopes the majority – simply do not accept. And so that’s not a necessary choice.

NOTE: I was informed about the fact that John Ortberg is accused of betraying the trust of his congregation by allowing a pedophile to work with children in his church. Rather than delete my blog post, which was scheduled before this news broke, I am appending this notice. 

Pastor John Ortberg allowed volunteer who was attracted to minors to work with children

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