Kismet and Canon

Kismet and Canon August 10, 2020

A. David Lewis is seeking support for the creation of Kismet, Man of Fate Volume 2. You can contribute through his Patreon page. I interviewed Dave on the ReligionProf Podcast about the first volume. This is such an important and timely comic, and you can not only help ensure the longevity of its revival, but keep yourself in the loop about it, through a small gift. Why do I encourage you to give? This is a Muslim superhero who might potentially appear not just in a one-off but regularly for the first time since 1944! He specifically and explicitly speaks to the present-day context of American under a Trump presidency. Isn’t that an endeavor you’d like to be part of? As he puts it on the Patreon page, “Critically acclaimed, Kismet, Man of Fate – Volume 1 (2018) brought the very first Muslim superhero back into action after decades M.I.A. He returns as an activist, an advocate, and an anti-fascist. But that was only half the story. Ready to read the rest?”

Here’s the link to the earlier interview I mentioned:

ReligionProf Podcast with A. David Lewis

There is also more linked from this post:

Sound Pedagogy and Genre Bending Assignments

Matt Brake also drew attention to this:

Help A. David Lewis Write KISMET, MAN OF FATE, Vol. 2

Dave was the first plenary speaker at ΘeoCon 2019. The 2020 meeting has unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the pandemic.

See also Dave’s blog Sacred and Sequential:

The Kingstone Comics Story

Dave also told me that he is working on his own version of Canon: The Card Game in connection with his work on the medical humanities. I cannot wait to see how that turns out. It was when someone covered my parody song “Viva La Library” that I felt I had really “made it” as a parody song creator. Dave is making me feel something similar as a game designer.

As I looked for past content related to Dave’s work, I discovered that there is another David Lewis who played a Stormtrooper in Rogue One, an Anglican priest and theologian by that name who studied canon law, and a trumpeter who has recorded a work with the title “Canon.”  There is an illustration on the limits of keyword searches in this.

Please support Kismet! Give the podcast another listen if you need further persuasion!


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