Religion, History, & Culture #CFP (Virtual Conference August 15-16, 2021)

Religion, History, & Culture #CFP (Virtual Conference August 15-16, 2021) April 17, 2021
 Information about a really exciting endeavor:
Digital Hammurabi and Save Ancient Studies Alliance have partnered to create a new type of conference for ALL Ancient Studies scholars. The goals of this conference are:
  1.  Present and support excellent scholarship by scholars at the fringes of the academic community and researchers who have not followed the traditional tenure-track career path.
  2. Foster discussion and action regarding public outreach and scholarly inclusiveness.
  3. Hold a conference freely available to the public.
  4. Begin building a joint community of scholars including both those not on the traditional academic path and those in the ivory tower.
We aim to bring together scholars who do not normally have the opportunity to present and engage with scholarship, including:
  • Completed a PhD and are now professionals in other fields

  • Left PhD programs

  • Contingent faculty

  • Academics from marginalized groups

  • Teachers, professors, and staff from all educational institutions

  • Cultural resource management professionals

  • Independent scholars

 The conference will also include two round-table discussions to conclude each day:
  • Diversity in Ancient Studies: Problem Solving Through Outreach
  • Lateral Thinking: Academic Skill sets in the “Real” World
Any scholar of the Ancient Mediterranean and Mesopotamia, broadly defined, is welcomed and encouraged to submit an academic paper proposal in the subject areas of Religion, Culture, or History. In addition, all presenters are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one of the two discussion groups, as follows.

In this inclusive context, beyond the scholarly presentations, we will also host special sessions in which we aim to discuss a range of issues pertaining to the precarious situation of Ancient Studies. These discussions will broach the issues of how to develop outreach by Ancient Studies scholars, further inclusiveness, and reimagine scholarship as a lifelong pursuit within a diverse yet inclusive scholarly community.

Abstracts due April 30th, 2021

  • To propose a paper, please include an abstract, work resume, and academic CV.
  • To propose a panel, please include the panel topic and anticipated panel members and their contact information.

If you’re interested in getting involved but have questions on how to best proceed, please email

This FREE public conference will be livestreamed to both the Digital Hammurabi and SASA YouTube channels.

All viewers will be able to submit questions, though they will be moderated to ensure discussion stays on topic.

Presentations will remain freely available online, unless requested otherwise by presenters.

More information on the SASA website!

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