Romanian Christmas Carols

Romanian Christmas Carols December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas! Here are some of my family’s favorite Romanian Christmas carols, with English translations of the words for those who may benefit from them. Enjoy!

Romanian Christmas Carols in translation


Good morning this Christmas Eve!

Will you give us something or not? [repeat]


We too have come

We wish you a healthy year

May the holy Lord grant us

Pretzels and walnuts galore!


Behold the Carolers are Coming!

The flowers are white

On the singers at night


They don’t stop coming

The flowers are white

They are bringing God to us


True God

The flowers are white

The sun illuminated in beams


O What Wonderful News

Is shown to us in Bethlehem

That the Virgin Mary

Has given birth to a baby boy

By the Holy Spirit


In Bethlehem Mary

Completing her journey

In a poor little place

In that town

She is giving birth to the Messiah


The Eternal Son

Whom the Father sent to me

To be born

And to grow

In order to redeem us


Down in Bethlehem

The sky is ablaze

The Immaculate One

Is giving birth to Christ today


She is giving birth in the oxen’s stable

To the King of all

The Immaculate One

Stands weeping softly


She has no swaddling clothes

No clothes to dress him in

Has the Immaculate One

For the Son of the King


Don’t cry, Holy Mother [repeat]


Don’t cry, Holy Mother

We will give you swaddling clothes,

Immaculate One,

With which to swaddle the holy child


Down in Bethlehem [repeat]


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