M. Horatius Piscinus has been fortunate to serve as Pontifex Maximus, Augur, and Flamen Cerealis of both SVR and NR, and as Flamen Carmentis in NR. He was Consul in NR in 2008, and twice served as Consul in SVR. He has been on the Board of Advisors to the Temple Religio Romana and advisor to the Clarion Temple of Religio Terranova, as well as advised and taught sacerdotes of other communities in the US, Europe, and South America. He taught online at the Academia Thules on formal Roman ritual. He has been an ordained minister, licensed in the State of Ohio, for the last twenty-one years. He also contributed to the Future of Paganism series on Patheos.

Header image courtesy gnuckx via Flickr CC license.