Removing the Fig Leaf is a contribution blog and is a platform for  those who have felt a deleterious impact of religion on our sexuality. Each of us has shouldered the burden of guilt and shame placed on us by our religious upbringings. Each of us has had to “remove the fig leaf” in our own way, and perhaps we will never be completely done with that process.  When you are taught to be ashamed of your humanity during your formative years, the baggage stays with you for the rest of your life.

But it does get better. Each of us has worked through these issues to some level of personal satisfaction (heh), and this digital space has been created to talk about how we’ve progressed. We will use this blog platform to unpack our own religious hangups around our sexuality, picking apart those ideas which shackled our own enjoyment of ourselves and of others. Although the focus of this blog will be on the intersection of faith, skepticism, humanism, and sexuality,  just about anything about sex positive culture is fair game.  we hope you continue to join us as we normalize the conversation and educate those around us.


10433305_10152485779848291_4569680549494087777_nManaging Editor : Neil Carter  

12799112_974113442673889_9013677372519351095_n Chief of Operations/Social Media: Cassis Pitman

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