Serious work on abortion by female prolife scholars

Serious work on abortion by female prolife scholars August 10, 2015

In my previous post, I listed and linked to six books author by prolife authors, only one of which was not a college or university professor.   It was brought to my attention by writer Sara Pulliam Baily that none of the authors are women. She writes on twitter:

To which I replied:

Although I know quite a few female prolife academics (and non-university affiliated scholars)–some of whom I count as close and dear friends–most of them have not written or published on the issue of abortion. The ones that have done so have not published the sorts of general defenses of the prolife position as have their male counterparts, such as those listed in my prior post. Rather, they have focused on specific arguments and questions.  Here is a modest list of such works, as I promised Sarah I would publish on this blog:

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  • Don Bryant

    Thanks for this. I appreciate the work you do.

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