Please consider helping newborn Jackson Yancey

Please consider helping newborn Jackson Yancey October 6, 2015

My graduate assistant, Hilary Yancey, and her husband, Preston, need our generosity. They are proud parents of Jackson, born on September 28th with a craniofacial microsomia.  Little Jackson requires a series of expensive surgeries. Please consider donating at  Hilary arrived at Baylor in Fall 2014 as a PhD student in philosophy. She has served as my graduate assistant twice, both for Introduction to Medical Ethics.  

Preston and Hilary tell their story, and explain Jackson’s condition, more eloquently than I can possibly convey:

Who is Jack …

Jackson was born on September 28th to two parents who could not be more expectant for his arrival. We have waited for him eagerly and prayed for him constantly. Prayed, specically, because we knew Jack would have some challenges if God did not intervene. At our twenty week ultrasound, we learned that Jackson had what was thought to be a severe facial cleft that caused his right eye not to form. Several weeks later, at a fetal MRI, we were told his right ear had not formed as well. They were watching his chin, because it seemed a bit small, but this was only to be a precaution.6250582_1444164925.0512_updates

Then, Jack was born, and what was assumed to be a facial cleft appears to really be a craniofacial microsomia. This means that Jack’s right side of his face is smaller and underdevloped when compared to the left. This is what caused the eye not to form and the ear to be displaced. Worryingly, this also caused his lower jaw on the right side to not form properly, which creates difficultly when breathing and complicates his ability to swallow.

From the beginning, we have been ready to receive Jack with whatever he had or needed help with. (Read about that on Preston’s blog  or Hilary’s .) At the same time, we felt compelled to pray that God would bring about a miraculous healing. (Preston’s words on thisHilary’s .) We still feel compelled to pray for that, because even when it seems impossible, nothing is too wonderful for God. At the same time, we have to make plans, trust that there is a faithfulness to preparing with the information we have been given, and knowing that God can still come into the midst of it and surprise us all.

A craniofacial microsomia is a lot more complicated than what was first supposed to be a complex cleft. At this time, it’s highly likely that Jackson will need a feeding tube and a trachestomy, which are expensive procedures and needs on top of what is already a long NICU stay.

We want to bring Jack home. We want to bring him home and hold him and remind him of all of you who have prayed and watched and waited and who now keep the vigil with us.

Would you help?

Love, and thanksgiving,
Preston and Hilary

Who are Preston and Hilry? …
Hilary is a second year PhD student in philosophy at Baylor Univeristy. Most importantly, she is Jackson’s mom.
Preston is an author and the process of becoming a priest in the Anglican tradition. Most importantly, he is Jackson’s dad.

For those who want to help, please go to  Also, please forward this message to all your social media.

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